Thankful Thursday

Today I'm THANKFUL for:
others that fight for freedom.

my blog getting a makeover.

my family and friends.

the blessings of tithing.

my hard working hubby.

my buisiness http://www.beccahallphotography.com/

and...too many more to even list.


To blog...or NOT to blog?

That is my question. lol
So i really do have alot to say! Or write, may it be. I have lots of things I want to blog about...some that matter, and some that i just wanna put out there. Yet, I think blogging is just too chaotic for me. I'm way to spastic in my thoughts and too generous in my use of ellipsis's and generally uneducated to make sense on here.
That said my blog has become a journal about my kids...YUCK! Who really cares that Chloe cut her first tooth FINALLY...or Jayla keeps taking her diaper off and playing in her ...LETS CHANGE THE SUBJECT!

Some of the things i would blog about... if i cared enough about this blog, would probably be:

-My new-found hate for cellular plans forcing "media packages"
-Jamba Juices SECRET menu (not so secret to ME!)
-how I love to BLOG STALK one particular lady ...who's name i cant yet mention :)
-how annoyed I am at BEEP and BEEP...ill protect the names of the NOT SO INNOCENT
-all about how to pick a "box color" ...so your hair doesn't turn out YUCKY when you cant afford to go get it done.
-my childhood fear of hamburger meat
-my many interesting "life lessons" taught by MICHAEL MOUSSEAU
-how much I love PHOTOGRAPHY...some tips/tricks
-all the YUMMY recipes can whip together
-my most embarrassing moment
-how i collect hobbies! literally i have tons of them that are collecting dust!
-all about being a carnivore who lacks will power enough to give up RED MEAT
-how I really want to home school... but I think most home-schooled kids...are FREAKS.
-The scary dentist i worked for ...for 1 day!
-how to get out of a PHOTO COP TICKET in AZ

and much, MUCH more. Really I could type all day if it wasn't for my little ladies(who are both now awake from their nap... and crying MOMMA!!!)


Saturday craft

We had my sister take a pic of our feet standing up...and I put one of my favorite scpriptures on the bottom and wha la.

yard sale frame- $1.50
CVS 8x10- $3.00
total- $ 4.50

D&C 68:28: And they shall teach their children to pray, and to walk uprightly before the Lord.


My baby Jayla is looking more and more like a little girl.

What life is really like with two under two...

They look sweet...they look innocent...Here is what happens behind closed doors...
Its attack of the TEETHING SCREAMER...and...JAY-ZILLA!

I just unloaded my camera!

The Saturday before last ...It was such a warm sunny day :)

Brand Spankin' New

I'm one of those gals who yard sales. I love thrift stores and hand-me-downs... i love when you see a pile of stuff on the road that says "free"! That's just me. I think i get it from both of my parents sides. My moms dad literally collects "some days"... you know...someday ill fix it...someday ill paint it...someday ill put a new engine in it. And He does get to alot of them. Then their is my dads dad... he is a yard sale EXPERT! If you need it...HE WILL FIND IT! He can barder with the best of them...and he always finds the best "steals" ! Well the point of my story is I would usually rather buying used than new! I love to clean up, do up, fix up, gussy up, mend, modernize, recondition, sand and repaint,rejuvenate, remodel, renew, renovate, repair, restore, spruce up and redecorate!!! ha ha. But Jordan, my sweet hubby, bartered at a furniture going out of business sale... and bought me a NEW TABLE! $160.00...Brand new...In the box! And after he hammered, screwed, and screamed for a couple hours.... we got this:


The end.

For those of you who don't know...My hubby loves soccer! (He would probably marry it if i didn't snatch him up first! lol.) He loves it so much he coaches for our local AYSO. He is such an awesome coach! This is his 2nd year coaching here and they have made it all the way to FINALS both times! Well enough about that...because the point is IT IS OVER!!! Yay! I mean im happy he can share his talents and all but I want my husband back!!! Sometimes i feel like soccer is EVIL! I wish I could say I too love spending every Saturday running up and down a sideline screaming...but I CAN'T. And I'm ready to have my husband to help me put kids to bed at night, and to make me breakfast Saturday mornings!lol(There is a little wishful thinking!)


My problem with blogging...

Im not sure why I cant keep up with this thing! I love reading everyone elses blogs! I think for me to want to read a blog it needs First- Lots of pictures and Second-to be updated often!!!

What is my problem then? Im definitely not short on time, words, or pictures!
I think my problem is unloading my camera onto the computer! Its is so much work! The memory on my card is too high for my laptop too read without the whole big camera plugged in! And i cant just unload without sorting and filing all the pictures into their organized files!!!! haha.

In spite of no updates...lots has happened! Christmas was so much fun! We had EVERYONE over to our house for a brunch! YUM yum! Jayla and Chloe got a table for their room...My sister and i spent time sanding it and repainting it pretty white! Which was a flop!!! Within a few days it had crayon all over it. LEAVE IT TO JAYLA! Thats my girl!

Im pretty sure I received the best present of all! The BIGGEST & BADDEST Nikon EVER!!
And everything else to "dive in to the deep end" of photography! I have the best husband who is so supportive of my many hobbies! This new camera is Crazy Amazing though!

Also an update on the girls:
Jayla is 20 months
she is saying sentences so good now.
my favorite is... "baby signing time please mommy?" Its her favorite movie.
She is so so polite.
She loves changing diapers with mommy and throwing trash away for everyone.

Chloe is 7 months
she is saying "ma-ma"
she is sitting up and trying to pull herself up,to stand.
she loves loves loves food! she would eat all day if i let her.
and she also loves her big sister!!


My "New Love"...

Meet my new GREEN PEA COAT!!

I have a new love!!! And it was such a bargin too. $100 coat for less than $40! You just cant beat that. Thanks to a patient husband who drove me to the store twice to visit and try it on... and to Dru for the coupon...and to the store, for a last minute markdown on an already once marked down coat!!